about the exchange

A new framework for saving wildlife and supporting farmers

The Central Valley Habitat Exchange facilitates effective conservation investments and outcomes through independent monitoring, reporting and verification.


the right tools

The Exchange utilizes the best science, tools and technologies to achieve maximum efficiency.

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the challenge

Over the last century, development and agricultural production in California’s Central Valley have replaced more than 95 percent of historic wetland, riparian, and floodplain habitat. As a result, numerous species populations have declined, including economically significant salmon.

Today, California faces the challenge of recovering these species, and the ecosystems on which they depend, while also maintaining productive agricultural lands.

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the exchange's solution

The Central Valley Habitat Exchange is an innovative conservation program that takes advantage of emerging habitat markets and leverages the strong stewardship ethic of California farmers and ranchers. It does this by pairing investors seeking opportunities to fund conservation or mitigation projects with landowners who want to create or maintain habitat on their working lands.

The Exchange verifies every transaction to ensure optimum outcomes for investors, landowners, and wildlife.